Wines of quality and personality: once you taste our wine, you may not be able to live without it!

Gavi docg la cedraia, gavi docg la cedraia selezione and the fresh and pleasant bubbles of brut la cedraia: our wines are recognized for their structural balance, their overall harmony and their territorial identity. These extraordinary wines are capable of enhancing the acidic, tasty and mineral components, typical of the cortese grape; qualities even more enhanced in the refinement in the bottle. (cta) buy now

Gavi DOCG La Cedraia

The flagship bottle of our wine production, a Gavi with a fragrant and fine scent of cut grass, white flowers, medlar and yellow citrus fruits and a decidedly dry flavor, pleasantly fresh and intense. Excellent as an aperitif and to accompany appetizers and fish dishes, seafood, vegetable pies, cold cuts, white meat dishes and light roasts.

This is our early bottle, our first label that reflects with its minerality and flavor the typical Cortese vine of the red clays on which it grows with full sun exposure; the best way to learn about the white wine par excellence of Piedmont!

Gavi DOCG La Cedraia "Selezione"

The premium bottle of our production, a Gavi with an extensive refinement of the wine (bâtonage) on distinctive lees in stain-less steel with a scent of white fruits and mineral notes and a pleasantly fresh and persistent flavor, and with a very pleasant almond finish.

Excellent as an aperitif and paired with appetizers and white meat dishes, fish, cold cuts and fresh cheeses. The Gavi Selezione comes from a vineyard that has its roots in the red clays and faces the sun all day.

Enjoy it in full relaxation to appreciate how the typical freshness of GAVI is balanced by an excellent structure, with a savory, mineral, citrusy and spicy vein: it has so much to tell…

Brut La Cedraia

A sparkling wine that highlights the characteristic fragrance and aromas of Gavi: a wine whose marked vivacity and flavor supported by a pleasant acidity make it a young, inviting, high quality sparkling wine, ideal for aperitifs and perfect for those who love to accompany appetizers and cold main courses with bubbles.

A “must” for your special festive events, it combines the freshness of the Cortese grape with fine, numerous and persistent bubbles that accentuate the perception of its fragrances.

Approach without haste, search for its aromas and savor its freshness and liveliness in your mouth! You won’t want to stop…


Excellent red wine in which different red grape varieties, coming from vineyards with excellent exposure, well drained and rich in clayey fraction, are harmonized in different compositions according to the various harvest trends in a product of rich concentration and elegance that is revealed in the oxygenation/aeration phase and throughout the tasting.

Why must you absolutely taste our wines?

To learn about the extraordinary white wine of Piedmont par excellence that comes from the “autochthonous” (indigenous) white grape variety called Cortese in the region where Liguria and Piedmont merge, giving rise to a landscape characterized by a seemingly never-ending succession of hills and vineyards.

You will thus come into contact with the wine production of a “terroir” that has always been “Genoese”, a few breaths from the beaches of Liguria: a borderland where once trades flourished on the ancient Via del Sale, the first defensive and commercial outpost. Later it became a place of pleasure and a vacation escape, and where the Ligurian aristocracy spread the cultivation of the Cortese vine beyond the Apennines, which went well with their cuisine based on fish, lean meats and vegetables.

Why buy our wines?

So you can deepen your knowledge of Gavi and delight in the olfactory and tasting pleasure of our wines at home with friends, comparing their intense and complex aromas, seeking the characteristic notes of Cortese, and perhaps serving them as an aperitif or combining them with dishes from your kitchen.