A single variety sparkling wine, produced from Cortese grapes, giving evidence to the fragrance and aroma characteristic of the Gavi. It shows a marked vivacity and retains a dry flavor, supported by a pleasant acidity, making it a young, attractive and quality wine, ideal for those who like to dine with sparkling wine and a perfect choice for cocktails or dessert.

TYPE: Sparkling dry white wine.

GRAPE VARIETAL: Cortese (100%).


ELEVATION: 225-275 meters a.s.l.

SOIL TYPE: Yellowish-grey clayey marl.

CULTIVATION SYSTEM: Guyot (5000 vines/hectare).

GRAPE HARVEST: By hand. Grape yield variable in the range 80-90 quintals per hectare, with a 70% wine yield.

WINE MAKING METHOD: Soft pressing of the grapes, followed by a clarifying process and malolactic fermentation in stainless steel. Then, the wine undergoes a secondary fermentation in bulk tanks following the Charmat method.


COLOR: Light straw color with typical greenish hues.

FLAVOR: Fine, fragrant.

TASTE: very dry, fresh, intense and with good

RECOMMENDED FOOD PAIRINGS: Excellent if served as an aperitif or to complement main cold dishes.

SERVING TEMPERATURE: To be served at 8-10 °C (46-50 °F).