La Cedraia

The “Home of Gavi”, the piedmontese white wine par excellence

Our winery near Novi Ligure in the Gavi region of Piedmont welcomes you with guided tours and tastings.

A visit to our winery includes an up close and personal tour of our wine production, helping you to discover the estate’s vineyard and Villa la Cedraia, an historic late eighteenth-century residence dating back to the period of land development in the Gavi area.

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The only eco-sustainable Gavi

Our goal has always been the production of a pleasant, fresh and high quality wine, placing a high priority on sustainability and environmental preservation, while promoting the development of wine cultivation and enotourism in the Gavi area. All of our wines are the result of our passion and effort to revitalize the old vineyard on our estate.

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Villa La Cedraia

Villa La Cedraia is an historic mansion surrounded by a centuries-old park overlooking the vineyards.

The villa is a prime example (registered in the Regional Census of historical earth constructions) of a load-bearing masonry wall house built with the rammed earth (pisè) technique, recently restored to its former glory using natural restoration methodologies with lime-based plasters and paints.

We don’t offer just a standard wine tasting in our cellar. Instead, Villa La Cedraia fully opens its gates for you, offering a dip into the past of Gavi wine cultivation. Once you enter through our gates, you’ll have a sensory wine experience in an enchanting atmosphere, with wine tasting accompanied by some of the most typical cuisine of the area.

Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the only Eco-Sustainable Gavi in a charming location among the verdant hills of Gavi wine country.

The Winery

The La Cedraia winery was established based on the enthusiasm and perseverance of winemaker Marco Cremonini who, supported by his daughters Francesca and Laura, restored the vine cultivation of the estate that had ceased in the early 1960’s.

Marco inherited the affection for the manor house and surrounding land from his father, Carlo. The estate, located in the hills between Novi Ligure and Gavi within the Gavi DOCG production area, covers about 3 hectares, half of which are planted with vineyards.

The Vineyard

The vineyard lies on a slope with a favorable position, facing south and radiated by sunshine throughout the day, at an average altitude of 250 meters above sea level.

The soils are made up of compact and deep yellowish-gray clayey marls, ideal for cultivation of the Cortese vine. Full exposure to the sun, coolness and humidity at night, and dry breezes from beyond the Apennines are ideal microclimatic alternations. These conditions result in a complete ripening of the grapes, an essential prerequisite for producing a good wine.


Our winery follows sustainability principles at all stages of production, from the cultivation (tillage, fertilization, harvesting etc.) to the wine making (pressing, fermentation, bottling etc.). Specific measures are aimed at minimizing the impact on the environment and for ensuring positive impacts on the surrounding area.

Our winery is strongly committed to the sustainable development of the neighboring area, aimed at preserving the surrounding land, its charm and the beauty of the striking landscape, which is characterized by a visible biodiversity that features rolling hills and vineyards as far as the eye can see.

The positive assessment of four specific indicators (Air, Water, Wine and Territory) in accordance with the Technical Specifications issued by the Italian Ministry of Ecological Transition, and the subsequent validation of the results by the RINA Service as an independent third-party certification body, have allowed the Italian Ministry of Environment to award our Gavi DOCG the official VIVA Sustainable Wine label. For more info: Sustainability Label

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